CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- Pampanga Governor Eddie Panlilio may face misconduct charges for his approval on the ongoing casting of concrete markers containing the administration’s accomplishments, officials said.

Some Provincial Board (PB) officials, who chose not to be named, said Tuesday that Panlilio allegedly drew funds from the 20 percent development fund to finance the concrete markers without proper request and approval from the PB.

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The sources said under the law, anything used and drawn from the 20 percent development fund should have prior approval from the PB through a resolution.

“It’s again technical malversation (misconduct of public office). Worse, the governor seems to be politicking now with the markers that boast his alleged accomplishments. It’s pure politics,” they said.

Provincial Administrator Vivian Dabu said the executive did not violate any law and cannot be charged with technical malversation.

“We did not violate any ordinance or resolution on the markers. They are for accomplishments and they have been properly bided out according to right procedures,” said Dabu.

However the officials said: “How can that be if they are saying these were properly canvassed and bided? Besides, the costs of the markers alone are equivalent to a school building already.”

The PB officials said it should have been best for the executive to institutionalize the use of the concrete markers.

Currently, 150 pieces of cement markers measuring one meter in width and 1.4 meters in height are being cast and set at the Capitol compound.

In the documents obtained by Sun.Star Pampanga from the Bids and Awards Committee showed that the labor cost of each marker was P10,913 each or a total of P1,638,000 for all markers.

Under a provincial board resolution, the fabricated materials used for the markers with the pre-cast provincial logo and weatherproof painting should only cost P1,187,846.

Meanwhile, Dabu told Sun.Star Pampanga that the markers are not being manufactured and cast at the Capitol Compound.

“They are being cast somewhere else and are simply being brought here for the painting part. Afterwards, they are brought to the specific project sites where the project has been accomplished,” Dabu said, adding: “If they say we violated any ordinance or procedure, they can sue us. They have been doing that often anyway.”

Sources, however, said that the concrete markers set along the street poses danger and risks to the motorists and pedestrian in the city.