I CONFESS to be a dancer back in my lithe, younger years. I had my ballet and jazz training at age seven in the old house of Locsin's Ballet Studio, where every young girl in my time dreamed of being a ballerina in the limelight.

Sadly, I didn't get to pursue my dream after actively being involved in my "Terpsichorean" group back in college, who were heavily into contemporary dance.

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Back then, dancing was my life and love. Every after a performance onstage, I would be taking medication for my wheezing. So I got hooked into writing and less physically strenuous activities, since asthma took over much of my adulthood.

Fast forward to the present. Armed with my camera in exchange for a tutu and ballet shoes (with the 24-inch waistline gone), I sashayed silently (okay, more like trudge heavily like a hippo) inside the Central Bank of the Philippines to witness the masterpiece performance of the Ballet Philippines, the resident dance company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Founded in 1969, Ballet Philippines (BP) is globally recognized today as the flagship company in ballet and contemporary dance.

It spans 40 years of international tour performances presenting a diverse and fascinating mix of classical and modern works that gained accolade through the years.

Ballet Philippines' Masterworks had its Mindanao tour from January 31 to February 17, 2010, featuring the works of Agnes Locsin, Edna Vida, Bam Damian, Tony Fabella, Alden Lugnasin, William Carter, Alice Reyes and Denisa Reyes.

Both Agnes Locsin and BP's young Artistic Director Paul Morales are Davao's pride.

With Margie Moran-Floirendo as the President of Ballet Philippines, we hope to expect more of this innovative performance tours in the near future.

The standing ovation has died down, the ballet performers have taken their final bows, and people were streaming out of Central Bank. I came across old Terpsichorean comrades and we slightly reminisce about our young, agile past. My only consolation was that I got to capture these beautiful spirited moves onstage.

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