CEBU City mayoral candidate Georgia Osme-ña has vowed to show her brother, incumbent Mayor Tomas Osmeña, what proper management is if she is elected mayor.

Tomas, though, said that Georgia and their cousin, former senator John Henry “Sonny” Osmeña, cannot even manage their own campaign in a single barangay.

Both, he said, are unproven compared to the Bando Osmeña Pundok Kauswagan (BOPK) candidates.

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“Sonny cannot even manage his campaign, si Georgia samot (worse)…. None of them will even win in one Cebu City precinct. I don’t think any of them will win in any precinct,” Tomas said.

In a text message, Georgia took exception to her brother’s claim of being the better manager of the city.

“If he has better management skills, why is the City deep in debt? Why has he failed to deliver basic services?” she said.

She mentioned poor lighting, streets with potholes, garbage, poor traffic management, neglected senior citizens, presence of so many beggars and out-of-school youths among the problems her brother has failed to address in the past nine years.

“Why is the city facing an acute water shortage due to poor foresight and lack of management? In spite of the huge budgets at his disposal for nine years, how has he managed the city’s fiscal resources? Badly! Very badly! I’m sure I can do much better I will show him how to manage properly!” Georgia said.

Both Georgia and Sonny are running for city mayor in the May 2010 elections against incumbent Vice Mayor Michael Rama, whom Tomas endorsed.

Both have also belittled the announcement of the mayor last week on the P3 billion in budget surplus the City Government has.

Georgia, in particular, scoffed at the claim, saying it is just simply the result of “increased taxes, natural attrition and inflation.”

Tomas, though, said his sister does not even know how to handle her campaign, saying there were more reporters covering the launching of her campaign compared to the people who attended it.

“She did not even manage her campaign (well), she will manage the City…? If you have not even organized in any barangay, how can you manage all the barangays?” he said.

“Si Sonny, when he was OIC (officer-in-charge) mayor (of Cebu City), dili gani kabayad sa electric bill sa Veco (Visayan Electric Co.). Pulos estorya. Bisan si kinsa pwede moestorya (All he does is talk, something which anyone can do),” Tomas said.