From left: Sean Kyle Nino Wayne Go, Raine Baljak, Vincent John Ugalde, Rose Ann Juanir
From left: Sean Kyle Nino Wayne Go, Raine Baljak, Vincent John Ugalde, Rose Ann Juanir

Boomerang: Netflix and Chill: Shows to Binge

CHILLING has reached its all-time peak since cable TV finally met its match with the entry of NetFlix. Coming with a variety of shows from movies, documentaries and TV series to its most sought-after “originals,” many people instantly get hooked as they can watch almost any program they want, for a certain price, during their own convenient time and through any platform they prefer. Many stories have been passed around about people sleeping late because of binging on episodes of their most favourite shows. Today, ZUP asks its young readers what shows they love to watch on NetFlix.

“My favorite NetFlix show would have to be ‘Animal Kingdom.’ It is about a close-knit family whose lives depend and revolve around crime, but beyond that it puts great emphasis on family, love and loyalty of each and every member in the family.” —Sean Kyle Nino Wayne Go, 19, business administration student (USC)

“‘Baki, the Grappler’ explains the bones, muscles and mechanics of the body in a fun educational manner, and is brutally amusing—to prepare me for coaching kids, clients and delinquents at BaBeBoBs Beauty and Fitness Consultancy. It makes my day complete. But, sad to say, I still have to wait until next year for the next season. I’m excited!” —Raine Baljak, 22, owner & founder (BaBeBobs Beauty and Fitness Consultancy)

“‘Daredevil’ is a good show to watch. It combines an interesting plot, great cast and amazing action and cinematography.” —Vincent John Ugalde, 20, architecture student (USC)

“Out of the hundreds of shows that Netflix offers, I tend to get hooked with feel-good TV shows. Lighthearted and comforting shows like ‘Friends,’ ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ and ‘Modern Family’ are some of my favorites. These shows offer an escape when I need to take my mind off bigger things—just watching one episode would be enough to lift my mood.” —Rose Ann Juanir, 21, architectural apprentice

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