ALASKA’S second defeat to Purefoods was a bitter pill. Sunday's third loss was chilling as Chile shaker.

If you are pro-milk, you have every right to throw up with that referee's call with 1.7 seconds left on Friday. That suspected heart attack victim on the stretcher was wearing an Aces t-shirt. He did not puke. He collapsed on his seat for keeping the pressure inside.

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Depending on which side you are, probably by now, more are on the side of Escalante's James Yap and his fellow hotdogs. The TJ Giants played gigantically with six straight wins since the semifinals. Coach Ryan Gregorio needs only a victory for his next title.

People want to be identified with winners. The hotdogs, on stick or sandwich, will be hot items in the next days to come. Make mine with "ketsap and mayonis a" but don't offer it to the relatives of Reynel Hugnatan.The former Negros Slasher committed several turnovers (not necessarily his error) in the last two games.

But the Negrense Ace cannot do it alone. Coach Tim Cone kept on saying alright while drawing in his white board but the result is not always alright. Even Willie failed with his Miller time. It will be a miracle if Reynel and Alfred Uytengsu's Alaska men could turn the tide in their favor

Trailing 0-3 is a tall order. Only a handful of PBA teams were able to do the trick of reversing the outcome. Purefoods may give up games 4 and 5 as Alaska will be fighting like a wounded tiger. The Aces may skip their daily dose of milk and try to get the energy of a cobra, sting or samurai.

Cone has to score and not allow the Giants' confetti to fall from the rafters as early as the next game. Gregorio for sure wants to end it in their next encounter. The PBA would welcome an extended series for the fans and gate receipts.

Game 4 would be as explosive as C4. And the next would be as exciting as the C5 of Manny Pacquaio's tokayo. The close encounters between the Finalists have somewhat erased the bad memory of our players' inadequacy in international tournaments.

Filipinos will continue to patronize the PBA regardless of the bad calls and coaches’ emotion. It is the only cure for those with short memories, those who cannot eat three meals a day those who cannot afford wide screen movies or cable television.

In short, you can see it for free __ from your friendly neighbor, nearest sari-sari store, sidewalk vendors’ huts, convenience outlets, 24-hour fastfood chains, barangay halls and watering holes.

What's your order, sir?

Hot dog...for now.

Maybe later. . . hot milk.