ANGELES CITY -- Mayor Francis “Blueboy” Nepomuceno led Monday the launching of the month-long campaign of the Department of Interior and Local Government and the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) on fire prevention.

The project is in pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 115-A, declaring March as “Fire Prevention Month.”

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The campaign is held annually to raise the level of public awareness on ways to promote safety from fire hazards. This year’s campaign was dubbed “Sustaining Fire Prevention through Active Community Participation.”

Nepomuceno said the theme emphasizes the importance of the partnership between the government and the civilian sectors to promote fire safety throughout the city.

Nepomuceno, together with fire department officer-in-charge Jimmy C. Suba, were joined by various representatives from the government and private sector during a parade which highlighted the launching of the campaign.

Suba said the BFP has prepared a list of activities including a series of orientations, inspections and fire drills, among others in line with the program.

One of the highlights of the month-long observance of the fire prevention is the art contest set at 2 p.m. on March 4 at the Marquee Mall. Students from public and private schools across the city are expected to join in the contest.

A fire brigade olympics was also slated as a culminating activity by the end of the month, Suba said.

Fire brigades from industrial, commercial and educational facilities would be partaking in the said event.

Last year, the BFP recorded at least 20 fire incidents all over the city. Suba said there were already five incidents since the start of 2010. Most of the incidents are caused by unattended and faulty electrical appliances according to Suba.

“The bureau has implemented several programs to lessen the number of incidents by engaging the civilians in the pursuit for safety,” Suba added.

Suba advised the public to observe fire safety measures to prevent accidents and disasters.

“In case of fire, it is very important to inform your neighbors. This would help in controlling the spread of fire while waiting for the fire brigades to arrive.

He also stressed the need to clear the roads where fire vehicles would pass for easy access and response.

At present, the city fire department maintains five fire trucks, one ambulance, a rescue truck, and twp utility vehicles.

Suba advised the public to relay concerns and other information to the BFP at (045) 322-2333 and (045) 322-0502.