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IMAGINE being cocooned from the stomach down. It feels like a massage but it’s doing more than that. Called Redustim, the treatment melts away visceral fat attached to organs or within body cavities. In Metro Cebu, this treatment is a Rye Aesthetics and Laser Center exclusive.

As Cebu’s latest aesthetic and laser center, the clinic specializes in customized treatments using top-quality technology with a holistic approach. Every trip to the clinic begins with consultation and assessment, followed by a medical protocol—procedures and rules curated to the patient by the medical professionals.

Redustim, just one of Rye’s many services, is a 45-minute treatment that aids in eliminating stubborn fat deposits and can also be used to address fertility problems and high cholesterol. Using a specially-designed suit that straps your stomach down to your feet, you won’t feel any warmth. Rather, it feels like being massaged from the feet all the way to the stomach and back.

Other treatments Rye is prized for include its Hydrafacial, a facial treatment made for patients with a low pain threshold. This uses pressurized jets of clear water to achieve that hydrated and plump skin without the painful extraction. Another is its Madonna OxyLight named after the superstar pop sensation, also known as the “red carpet facial.” It produces an instant non-invasive lift, has anti-bacterial properties and utilizes myolight stimulation making it one of the best know anti-aging facials available out there.

Ronald Yap Elpa, Rye Aesthetics chairman, shared that this was a business built out of the desire to diversify, him being known for his venture in construction and being a recipient of the 2017 The Outstanding Cebuano Awardees. “Our bodies are like battery packs. We need to regenerate. Soon, we’ll be starting on autologous stem cells treatments to jumpstart our system again,” Elpa shared.

“It is very important that we ask the patient what their area of concern is,” shared Dr. Kate Escobido-Mancao, its founding doctor, and associate fellow in aesthetic dermatology of the Philippine Academy of Aesthetic and Age Management Medicine Inc.

“A doctor will immediately assess you from a medical perspective as soon as you walk in that door. But often we forget to address the area you came to us for in the first place. But at Rye, the moment you step out, you have to feel that your main concern was treated,” she added.

Rye Aesthetics and Laser Center is located on the ground level of Bai Hotel and open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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