Luis Sebastian Rusiana

BY NOW we already know that Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. pulverized Marvin Sansona and forced the latter to kiss the canvas in the fourth round of their battle for the WBO super bantamweight title.

Countless reasons have been swirling around concerning Sonsona’s crushing defeat but in my humble opinion, I think it is Sonsona’s very own attitude that is the root cause of his downfall.

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In an article written by boxing writer Ronnie Nathanielsz back in Jan. 4, 2010, it was stated that Sonsona didn’t take his scheduled flight from General Santos City to Manila. This got his coach Nonito Donaire Sr. worried with his attitude.

As far as I know about preparing boxers for a world title fight, the allotted time is usually about eight to 10 weeks. Going back to the day the above article was written, Jan. 4 was eight weeks before Sonsona’s scheduled showdown, which is Feb. 28. Therefore, if he was still on vacation mode that day then we all know there is a big problem.

I am not saying that Sonsona didn’t care about this fight at all but the fact that he did not train on time is a manifestation that he was not taking it as seriously as he should have.

This is not the first time Sonsona has been accused of being undisciplined. To recall, he was blasted by critics after his fight with Alejandro Hernandez for not making the weight and for putting up a lackluster performance.

Many believe that because Sonsona is still very young, he can definitely bounce back from those setbacks. I wouldn’t be too optimistic for I believe that if the sickness lies in the attitude, then it is something no trainer or promoter can cure.

Only Marvin can cure himself on this one.

With that being said, the shadow of uncertainty now clouds the future of Marvin Sonsona.