EFFECTIVE governance is usually the cry of the people. We always crave for proper administration that would at least satisfactorily provide our needs. Indeed, flaws are seen and felt.

Nonetheless, these flaws must be the inevitable ones which are a part of our very existence as no one is perfect so they say.

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Matters within our control are the things we should always be vigilant of for these are susceptible to suspicion.

Transparency in governance coupled with efficiency results in indubitable performance.

The Special Services Division of the Mayor’s Office is once again launching the Annual Search for the Best Performing Barangay for the year 2009. This event is in cooperation with different concerned offices including non-government organizations—the Department of the Interior and Local Government, Liga ng mga Barangay Baguio Chapter, City Environment and Parks Management Office, City Planning and Development Office, Baguio City Police Office, City Health Services Office, Department os Social Welfare and Development, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Save our Women, Inc., and the Religious sector.

The search is to be participated in by the different barangays in the City of Baguio. Each geographic barangay district must select the best performing barangay amongst the barangays in the district. The twenty barangays chosen by the twenty districts shall constitute the finalists in the city-wide competition for the Best Performing Barangay for 2009.

The finalists shall be visited and evaluated by the representatives coming from the abovementioned offices in the major areas of barangay administration and governance, environmental management and protection, infrastructure development, peace and order and public safety, health and nutrition program management, and social welfare and development. Apart from area inspection including examination of documents, the evaluators shall likewise be conducting appropriate interviews with the barangay officials and constituents.

Each finalist shall be appreciated based on a set of specific criteria strictly determined for the purpose, to wit:

Organization and Structure comprising 10% (structure mandated by law, creation of functional and ad hoc committees), Legislation with 10% (ordinances, resolutions, administrative orders, memoranda, executive orders, internal rules and regulations, advocacy implementation, compliance), Planning and Budget with 15% (plans, budget, sourcing and out-sourcing, networking, official receipts), Implementation and Monitoring with 50% (target vs. actual activities, adherence to defined VVMO, sustainability, impact on the barangay and the constituents), and competitive edge with 15% (barangay initiative, efficiency, maximum use of resources at the least cost, awards received during the evaluation period).

Certainly this contest would provide the necessary motivation for the various leaders at the grassroots level to strive better in the performance of their duties and responsibilities in the provision of the services to which the constituents are entitled. It is not the monetary equivalent given as a prize that matters. It is the Honor for a true and honest public service that makes one the real winner.


The City is celebrating Panagbenga 2010. It is a pride that our own festival is the number one festival in the country today.

Currently, we are enjoying the Session Road in Bloom as part of the festival. However, with the enjoyment that we are having, we must not forget to maintain the cleanliness. Proper disposal of our waste would greatly help. Happy Panagbenga to all!!!