SCENTS do more than just make a certain place smell refreshing. Scents make one look back on fond memories; of places bearing that calm and tranquil vibe. More importantly, it can affect one’s mood and ultimately one’s productivity.

Overtime, businesses are understanding the effect scents have, not just on their patrons but also on their employees.

Formally established March this year, ELA Essentials was born with the hopes of being on the forefront of scent marketing industry in the country that’s still embracing the idea of a scent’s important role in a business. “The scent marketing industry in the world, especially in Europe and the United States, is mature. The Philippines is still starting,” said Mikaela Pacubas, business development manager of ELA Essentials.

This new scent brand aims to provide services to create a company’s desired ambience with its varied options from equipment installation, replenishment of essential oils and maintenance. It caters not only to small scale or big scale businesses but also residences. The brand curates the service according to the design of the place, the clientele and the purpose or effect its patrons want.

“I want them to feel that they don’t have to look or spend that much to get the mood or effect that they want,” Pacubas added.

ELA Essentials is a play of the name Mikaela, representing the playful tone of scents that, while not many prioritize for now, is an essential part in one’s daily life to get motivated. It’s a brand under Surebright Manufacturing Industries, a chemical manufacturing company now on its 15th year. It has 12 different kinds of essential oils like eucalyptus, sandalwood and lily of the valley, to name a few. It intends to be accessible in major cities of the Philippines as it’s planning to open a Manila branch soon after the launch in Cebu City.