THE era of electric vehicles is here apparently. Yes, Tesla’s been at it for quite a while now but as soon as I heard about Porche’s own take, I just felt that rush in my gut that electric vehicles are here to stay.

The Teslas of today are are as commuter centric as it can be. That’s how I see them. They’re made more specifically for the daily commute. Sure, there’s a sporty version but that’s just a sporty version. It’s kinda like you and me dressing up to play sports. We look sporty. We’re sporty. But we’re not pro athletes.

The Porsche on that video up top is one pro athlete. One key takeaway from that video is the car’s repeatability in terms of its performance. It’s a Porsche so it has to be able to drive and perform like any other Porsche, right? And judging by how Jonny Smith reacted in that video, it’s as repeatable as it can get.

I hear the car guys here complaining about not hearing any growls from the back end. Of course, there’s none because it’s electric. And sure it might be one thing to turn off a potential buyer. But if I heard it right from that guy from Porsche in the video, more than 20,000 people already paid real money to reserve their spot on the waiting list. That’s a lot of people getting their hands on the first generation of the Taycan.

I just can’t help but think about how this translates to battery technologies contained in that car. From what I gathered in that video, that car’s got range from one single charge and its repeatable performance. If Porsche brings that tech to other modes of transportation that, ultimately, will be one of many answers to the problem of fossil-powered engines.

Exciting times ahead, don’t you think?