A PLEASANT day for the tour we had with the participants coming from different walks of life -- oldies, youngsters, teachers, students, bankers, journalists, entrepreneur, housewives and even plain bystander took the opportunity to enjoy the nature's beauty of Surigao del Sur.

The R tours invited the participants to join and experience the natural wonders of the province.

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The amazing Enchanted River is located in Barangay Cambatong, in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. On the way is a rough narrow barangay road but the municipality made the ride smoother for one and all by scraping the road to lessen the bump when traveling.

The travel from Tinuy-an Falls going to Enchanted River took us two hours. Signages were visible on the road side designed for guiding the visitors going to the destination.

Some participants willingly boarded on top of the hired bus and enjoyed the moment of the cool breeze of air and its scenery along the road to the river.

A lot has been changed since I visited this place last year of 2009. It's pretty well improved. More beautification was emphasized in the area to accommodate and make the visitors more comfortable.

Superb lunch with polite attitude from the caterers greeted us while we lined up for the meal. What a festive ambiance!

Enthralled by the river, it is surrounded by a lush forest hill and nothing beats the soothing to the eye color tone of blue that spreads in the body of water.

There's this deep blue color represents a deeper area of the river, while the lighter shade of color blue to green represents the shallow area. The water was chilling cold even if it was two in the afternoon.

There's a small cavern filled with river water on the left side and on the right side is the flow of water connected to the Pacific Sea that made the river less salty compared to sea water.

Behold! The deep abyss is clearly visible when using a goggle or a snorkel lens. It felt like your standing on a cliff of a limestone and even more flying over a canyon when you’re crossing to the other side of the river.

What an exhilarating experience!

Participants returned to Davao City filled with new experience, appreciated the nature at its best while meeting new friends with this adventure.