AUTHORITIES will conduct a massive information campaign against the two men linked to the two bombs discovered in Davao City last week.

Task Force Davao chief, Colonel Oscar Lactao, said Thursday they have already printed and posted the photos of the two suspects along with the telephone numbers that can be contacted by people who have any information regarding the identities and the whereabouts of the two.

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Davao City Police Director Rene Aspera, however, said the two men could still not be considered as primary suspects in the bomb scare last week as they still have no direct evidence that would pin them down.

The city police chief said what they have right now are circumstantial evidence that will not hold in court if ever they file charges against the two still unidentified suspects.

Lactao said they are now hoping that somebody somehow had gotten in touch with the two "persons of interest" while here in the city. He said they are now tracing the "footprints" the two had left for the police to have a more solid case against them.

Aspera admitted that they are having a hard time investigating the case but nevertheless assured the public that they are doing their best to prevent another bomb scare from happening.

The authorities are contemplating on putting up a reward for any information about the two persons.(Ben O. Tesiorna)