ANG 36-anyos nga Pinay online businesswoman nga tua nagbase sa Germany sud na sa 16 katuig, ang usa sa mga finalists karon sa Mrs. Philippines World 2019 nga ipahigayon sa Paris, France sa Oktubre 26, 2019.

Si Daphne Chloe Villamor ang napiling finalist human siya nidaug nga Mrs. Philippines World 3rd runner-up EU selection niadtong June 29 sa Hamburg, Germany.

Ang grand winner sa Mrs. Philippines World 2019 ang morepresentar sa Pilipinas sa umaabot nga Mrs. World 2019.

Si Daphne dili na bag-o sa mga beauty pageant kay siya sad ang Mrs. Elite 2018 sa Sweden, Mrs. Phil. Asia Beauty Queen Hamburg 2017 ug Mrs. Germany Sexy Mama nga iyang nadaug niadto lang Mayo 11 sa Munich, Germany.

Luyo ning tanan, wala isipa sa morena beauty ang pageant nga kumpetisyon kundi usa ka “passion.” Ang premyo niya sa mga pageant mao say gigamit niyang tabang pinansiyal sa mga kabus pinaagi sa iyang foundation.

Sa miaging semana nagbalikbayan si Daphne sa iyang yutang natawhan sa Maribago, Mactan diin personal siyang nang-apod-apod og mga hinabang.

Apan unom ra siya ka adlaw tungod sa iyang tulo ka mga anak sa Germany nga paki-mommy pa kaayo nga nagpangidaron og 8, 6 ug 4.

Daphne Chloe Villamor, Ssssuper Ka!

Nganong napunta man ka’g Germany?

I live in Germany for 16 years because my former husband was a German. I got married at the age of 20 here in the Philippines. I migrated in 2005 but things went wrong so nag-divorced mi sa German pag-2012. Wala man sad mi nagkaanak. And then I got married to an Italian in 2013 with whom I have three beautiful kids.

Wow so fast. How did you do it?

Haha.. love at first sight. Because he is a sincere and down-to-earth person. Na-prove niya even a short period of time. So ni-`yes I do’ dayon ko. That’s my young 38 years old Italian. He’s a mechanical engineer. Unfortunately, he doesn’t like media exposure because he’s a very private person which I also respect.

Unsay imong preparation sa Mrs. Philippines World?

I’ve been training with this famous catwalk trainor in Paris. He’s only known as “Uno.” But I’m a bit nervous with the Q and A. I just keep on reading to stay sharp. Exercise and diet are also a must. I would also like to ask the support of the Cebuano for the People’s Choice Award. They can search it on Facebook: Mrs. Philippines World. They must first like the page then my pictures. I’m no. 4 candidate para ma-counted ang votes. Thank you.

Unsa ni imong foundation?

Yes, I have my own charity in Cebu, Mactan and Davao for three years now. I’ve been financing it alone everytime I win cash from pageant competitions, I share it by buying slippers, school supplies and hygiene kit and feeding. I chose the less fortunate children in Mactan and some mountainous areas in Davao. I learn how to give to those who are in need because I know how it is to have nothing. When you have nothing you have no friends, but if you have much all fake friends mopilit like a “linta.”

Kinsay nag-influence nimo sa beauty pageant?

My mom. It’s been her dream since I was only six nga mahimo kong beauty queen. From Little Miss Lapu-Lapu to Miss Indiana Aerospace in 1999, akong mama akong No. 1 supporter. My mom was a former school administrator in Looc National High School before she migrated to Baltimore U.S.A. My dad was a former school teacher of Pajo National High School. Both are retired and in their 70s. I finished my Bachelor of Science in Travel and Tourism Management sa Indiana Aerospace University in 2002.

Unsay imong beauty secret?

I do regular exercise and eat mostly fruits and vegetables. I do zumba 3 times a week. I do my facial mask and bodyscrub. I just trust everything to the Lord and all my worries just vanish into thin air. I had lots of trials and challenges in life when I was still in the Philippines and I survived through my faith in God. Entering pageant is my passion, ganahan lang ko naay lain ka-busyhan ug lingaw.

What’s your typical day in Germany?

I do household, cook for my kids and bring them out in the city for shopping or dine out. Their yaya will take care of them when I’m out. I have my own online business. Nagpa-abang ko og gowns and costumes and I model my own business products online. By the way, I would also like to thank my sponsor sa akong journey sa Mrs. Philippines World, to Mr. Hein Chrispijn, a Dutch national, who owns the Heincrispijn Metamorfose Furnitures in Mactan. You know, when I retire, I wanna go back to Cebu. Why? Because there’s still no place like home.