IT WAS raining three-pointers on Monday when PD888 Handy Fix dethroned Province of Negros Occidental of its Class "A" title in the final game of 10th Tan Kek Pin Memorial Cup at Po Hang gym of Bacolod Tay Tung High School.

Long range scorers Mamerto Santillan, Johnson Salazar and Robbie Jalandoon were the reasons for NoPO's losing a won game. The triple shot has been the bread and butter of the South Koreans in Asian circuit and international tournaments.

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Coach Dexter Dy did not play college ball. But he won over ex WNC Mustang Godoy Cepriano who was assisted by VMA graduate John Tumamot.

If we follow the adage that "players win games, coaches lose them" will Dexter accept that it was his Handy Fixers who won the title for him? Will Godoy and his sidekick freely accept that their coaching was wrong that's why Capitol lose?

The Dy Brothers will not mind if people question their ability to mentor a select team composed of ex-varsitarians. After all, these cagers are under their employ, directly or indirectly.

Who cares about coaching. The TKP Cup is on display at his headquarters. His players, supporters, sponsors, fans and workers are enjoying the championship.

Another team of PD888, the Tropics are in the semifinals in Class B of TKP. Who knows Dexter's boys might be double champions in this first cage offering in the Year of the Tiger.

There are plenty of three-pointers among the Tropics and Coach Richie Militante will not hesitate to use it. After all, Richie was a student of the triple shot when he was a Ram for the University of Negros Occidental Recoletos.

As earlier said, the shot from the arc has been a weapon of the South Koreans and other European teams and champions. It is not just a chasing shot or a desperate attempt when trailing the enemy.

It has become the first option offense of the SK teams to beat the Chinese in Asian qualifying matches. Coach Pang Yul taught the Filipino coaches how to use it 14 years ago at the GSIS gymnasium in Pasay when the World Basketball Coaches Association hold a clinic sponsored by ABC and BAP.

There were 3 from Bacolod City who joined that national basketball seminar. You see them every day. One is the current TKP commissioner Edward Maapni. The other is NABRO chief referee Felipe Bat-og.

Maapni was then coaching Bacolod Tay Tung High School and Bat-og the Bacolod City National High School. Both may have kept their secret notes in their cabinets what Pang Yul have lectured.

Both may have used it during their mentoring days as BTTHS and BCNHS have been very competitive in interschools meet. Am not sure though, if they will give it for free for those willing to listen to the power of three.

By the way, if you want to know who that number 3 coach with them in that seminar, ask the two.

They might defy their rights to reply.