THE Amlig Bukid Kilos Damlig (ABKD) group Thursday urged the City Government officials to cease from issuing and renewing of quarry permits in Barangay Alangilan, Bacolod City.

The ABKD claimed that the present quarry operation at Barangay Alangilan has brought adverse effect to the water source and shed, destruction of natural environment, and is a hazard to life.

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They said that the Alangilan, deemed by law as the “land of springs,” is now fast becoming a barren land. The continuing quarry operation has created an irreversible damage to the only mountain of Bacolod, a rich source of water for the city, and it is also bringing hazard to the health, life, and safety of its inhabitants.

Last Feb. 10, without any written application, the barangay captain of Alangilan, initiated an on-site public hearing on the matter of a new quarry proposed by the Agas and Balcera families on their newly inherited lots.

The ABKD claimed that this new outcry has virtually opened the wounds of pain experienced in the past 20 years and more quarrying will lead to nothing but hazards and devastation of lives and the environment.

The group cited the history of quarry activities in barangay Alangilan saying that as early as the 1980s there already existed a quarry operation of Bonnin Sr., in Cabutungan Ilaya area; in 1990 Bonnin Jr., Cabutungan Ilawod ( renewing permit now); in 1990 ANHS, Purok 10, (non-operative); from 1995 to the present operation Alberto Arceo Jr., Purok 11; in 1995, Quiatchon, Purok 10, (non-operative); Carlito Alimpolo/Cabarles, Purok 10, (non-operative); in 1996 C.P.A.C, Adventist, Purok 17 (non-operative); in 1996 Aaron Sorbito, Purok 6, (non-operative); in 2004 Bantug, Carmen Area (non-operative/garbage pit), and Bantug in Purok 8 that is now scheduled for renewal of permit.

The ABKD is asking the city and barangay officials, and the quarry operators or businesses to accept responsibility for the destruction of the environment and the lives and livelihood of the people, and that they should start to heal the wounds and bridge the divide they created, pointing out that healing starts with acceptance. The quarry operators are held accountable for their destructive business, and that the local leaders should also be held accountable for the proceeds earned from these operations, and they should be compelled to rehabilitate the damage they have caused the environment and the people so that they could start the so-called healing process.

They stressed the need to bring the situation of Alangilan to the awareness of the people of Bacolod and beyond and to compel the elected leaders of their sworn moral and legal responsibility to nourish and protect the natural resources, “and for us to find a common ground to rehabilitate and protect it.”

“We will not sleep but rather awaken more people in order to protect Alangilan, the last frontier, the only mountain, and the land of springs,” they added.

The group had already submitted their position paper to Mayor Evelio Leonardia.