A FEW notables from the tech world in the last week. And a short thought bubble from me.

New phone every year?

I agree with this post on Android Central about going out there to buy a new phone every year. It’s definitely cuckoo to do so. Unless, if you’re some oil tycoon or retail magnate with oodles of spare cash lying around. it’s true that every year, the phones that come out are better than the previous one. That’s the nature of technology. It has to be better than the last iteration. If it were not, we’d still be building fires with stones.

Anyway, back to the phones. I think we all need to calm our t**s every time a new phone comes out. Celebrate the tech innovations (if there are any) but go back to the drawing board and ask yourself whether that new phone model can actually make things better for you. Or it could be just you and me lusting over new tech.

Read more about that line of thought here.

Insta gaming

You know how it is with Instagram these days. We all lose the chronological timeline. And after me sending more than 10 feature requests to bring it back, I was just brushed aside. This new algorithm-based timeline we all see is based on whatever Instagram sees fit. I, honestly, don’t know what makes one post or one user appear more in your feed or not. Let’s face it, if not a lot of your so-called followers see your post, you can’t get any engagements. And that may suck.

In a report posted on PetaPixel, there’s a way maybe to trick Instagram into getting more engagements for your post. It’s all about using Instagram’s official filters. And just set the strength really low so it doesn’t really affect how your photo looks.

You can read more about that here.


I’ve spoken about this in this column before. I’ll share this short video to help clarify things about 2-Factor Authentication.