MANILA -- A pro-life group threw its full-support on the Catholic bishops’ call to ban advertisements on condoms and other contraceptives.

AIDS-free Philippines and Human Life international Pilipinas executive director Doctor Rene Josef Bullecer told a media briefing Thursday that the banning is “timely.”

“We would also like to ask for the banning of indiscriminate distribution of condoms, indiscriminate display and sale of condoms including in the market place and we would like to ask the FDA to put a warning, similar to cigarettes…It is right and timely for the Catholic Church and for us to do so such move,” Bullecer said.

He added that the group will announce the candidates they are supporting in the elections next week in Cebu City.

The influential Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines said on earlier that condom distribution and condom advertisements “desensitize the youth's delicate conscience and weaken their moral fiber as future parents.” (Virgil Lopez/Sunnex)