WE APPEAR to be helpless now.

El Niño wreaking havoc on our country and there is absolutely nothing we can do to minimize its effects.

Billions of pesos in agricultural products have been destroyed due to the lack of water these past few months. Rice, corn, vegetables and even farm animals are being the ravaged by this phenomenon. To top it all off, Pagasa reported the hottest day this year was Wednesday at 26.8 degrees centigrade in Baguio City, 35.5 degrees in Manila and an even 36 degrees in the Cagayan Valley.

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Aside from food concerns, we also face a lack of water for domestic use in the coming months. This is mainly because there has been no rains since November to refill the aquifers or the rivers where we get our water from.

Government is not much help in the face of this natural fury. The cloud seeding activities it hopes will take away some of the thirst has gone to naught. The ideal cloud pattern has not been reached thus making any effort to entice the clouds to pour rain has gone nowhere. The billions of the country is useless if nature decides not to cooperate with our plans.

Yes, things appear to be getting drearier and drearier by the day.

Just as the summer months are about to bear down on us, let us keep in our hearts and minds the need to conserve water. In this manner we can at least survive until the rains finally do come by July.