EVER tried peanut mix with roasted garlic and anchovies or dilis for snacks? Those who already tried are probably looking for more as it offers two snacks in one packaging which could be added with chili for spicier taste. This product has recently become a trend in Davao City.

Geno Mari Branzuela, 33, took this chance to start a business of her own last January this year called Diliscious Mani. She is a registered nurse by profession, however, decided to venture into her own business after being diagnosed with a medical condition that turned her world upside down. She underwent two major surgeries that stopped her to return to work and required her to heal in time.

Instead of drowning herself to the reality she could never change, she busied herself trying to discover other things about herself. It was when she tasted peanuts with dilis that she decided to learn how it was done and not long after, she mastered how it was prepared.

She started selling 30 pouches of 60 grams at P35 each and was surprised how her neighbors, relatives, and friends positively responded to her product. Despite the success of her first batch, she was still hesitant if this business would grow. Nevertheless, she came to enjoy what she was doing and decided to push through.

"Since I have a lot of competitors in this product, I have to think of something that could be my edge in this business," she said, adding that she is continually trying to improve her product.

Right now, Branzuela sells her products through 40 outlets around Davao City, Digos City, Panabo City, and General Santos City. These are mostly stores, souvenir centers, and restaurants. From 30 pouches of peanut with dilis, she now produces 400 to 500 tubs of 250 grams sold at P120 each every two weeks and the demand is increasing.

"Every after our delivery, we target to find at least two outlets as our effort to widen our scope," she said.

She said venturing into this kind of business improved her health and made her family have a stronger bonding as they help each other in this business. Her husband and child are always with her from the preparation to their delivery. Indeed, her most down moment in life have turned into a wonderful opportunity to improve as a person and as a businesswoman.

There are still things she wanted to do for Diliscious Mani like putting up a physical store; discovering other products still using dilis, peanut, and garlic; and future plans for export.

She also mentioned that she is currently looking for local farmers who could consistently supply her with eight to 10 sacks of peanuts and 40 kilograms of dilis.

"Our life changed when we had this business. I am so thankful to God for everything that had happened in my life, including what seemed to be a nightmare. Life taught me a lot of lessons and it taught me actually to dream. Now, it is slowly becoming a reality," she said.