CEBU City Mayor Tommy Osmeña has shown politicalwill when he fired 31 traffic enforcers accused of extorting money from motorists who committed traffic violations.

No politician would do that when the election is just around the corner.

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He did.

That’s zero tolerance for the so-called “bad eggs” in government.


What’s remarkable is that the traffic enforcers were fired without even the usual due process.

“Under normal circumstances,” the mayor said, “you are innocent until proven guilty.”

“Not if I hire you. I don’t have the time to go around to investigate; you just prove to me that you are innocent and if you can’t prove it, sorry, you’re fired,” Mayor Tommy said.

See, it’s as easy as real estate mogul Donald Trump says in a reality TV show, “You’re fired.”



Mayor Tommy called the Citom board useless for its failure to come up with a recommendation against the traffic enforcers.

“They should be the one to say, ‘Fire them’ and then I say, ‘Oh, what can I do?” Pontius Pilate na lang unta ko ba. Ako nahimong executioner, they are not even candidates, unfair kaayo na,” he said.

Well, can’t he tell members of the Citom board, “You’re fired?”


Capitol consultant Rory Jon Sepulveda said vice presidential candidate Sen. Mar Roxas insulted Cebu’s “dancing inmates” when he placed them on the same level with


It should be made clear that there were no dancing senators with a video clip posted on YouTube and watched by more than 38 million people worldwide.

There was at least one senator who danced during the impeachment trial of deposed president Joseph “Erap” Estrada.

The senator was not reelected.


An ally of Erap Estrada said they will double their watchers in the May 10 elections to make sure all votes intended for Erap will be counted, avoiding a repeat of what allegedly happened to the late action star Fernando Poe Jr. in the last presidential elections.

That’s a good move.

But first, they should make sure that watchers would have some votes to watch.