TWO major companies in China have expressed interest in Mindanao’s tropical fruits.

Chinese Consul-General Li Lin said in an interview with SunStar Davao that the Chinese investors specifically mentioned their investment plans in Mindanao during the Cacao Summit on Saturday, August 24, in Davao City with the newly-appointed agriculture Secretary William Dar.

Lin said the companies are based in Beijing and Guangdong.

“They are here showing their great interest in buying Mindanao coconuts, durian, avocado, and others,” Lin said.

“These are big companies in China. They are buyers. They discussed a wide range of tropical fruits and they are also interested on the quantity and quality of local products,” he added.

Lin said the companies are not only interested in purchasing local products but also signified future investments in agriculture productivity in some areas in Mindanao.

Meanwhile, the Department of Agriculture (DA)-Davao director Ricardo Oñate said with the interest shown by potential investors, Davao Region is preparing for the possible demand for agricultural products.

He assured that the region will be able to supply volume demand as the region has current programs that help farmers increase their productivity while still ensuring its quality like the launching of the Durian 500 program, the project that aims to expand durian production up to 500 hectares in three years in Baguio District.

“Definitely, the interest of these investors is an opening for our market in China for durian, avocado and marang. However, we are still looking for ways on how to ship marang without ruining its quality,” Oñate said in vernacular during a phone interview Tuesday, August 27.

“We should focus on the quality and volume of our products. These two should be together when we talk about exports,” he added.