LONDON -- Burried in the hype of Pinoy Power III some weeks ago, Talisay City in Cebu province hosted the initial boxing venture of the DTT Events and Promotions Inc. dubbed as Rapid Fire...Binukbokay.

DTT is the newest company to venture into the competitive boxing industry particularly in Cebu.

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The promotion outfit wants to capitalize on the current boxing boom, which is fueled by the success of the current Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao.

Although the boxers involved in their promotion were still unknown, DTT Events founder Melbert John F. “Dax” Dacayana, hopes that they will someday find a “superstar” which could even succeed Pacquiao.

DTT stands for for Dynamic Talisay Triumvirate. Milbert also has veteran Teddy Alivio and bussinessman Tom Buno as associates.

In the Talisay promotion, DTT Events got the services of the boxers from Omega Boxing gym of the International Pharmaceuticals Inc., and Ringside stable of Manila. The show was shown on cable TV nationwide on INTV CCTN Ch. 47.

Dacs is actually no stranger to the sport of prize fighting. In fact two of his uncles, the Dacayana twins were well known professional boxers during the early 80's.

He was also a fan of Talisay born former world champions Frank Cede¤o, Bernabe Villacampo, Eric Chavez and Rolando Pascua.

A law graduate at the University of San Jose-Recoletos, Dax is the son of Albert and Mila Dacanaya of Talisay city. He also has a philosophy degree at the San Carlos Seminary also in Cebu.

I met Dax only once at the Mactan Airport where he was seeing his college mate Marco Reburiano. Marco flew back to the USA. Marco was a former US Navyman and was also my high school mate. He is also an executive in the DTT Events.

Although I met Dax very briefly, I am convinced that he is not a fly by night promoter and is dead serious in making it big in the boxing industry.

I have a few advices for him to be successful in boxing promotions or else he will lose a lot of money including his pants. In fact I have only two words, HARD WORK.

I have helped lots of boxing promotions during an almost a decade-long experience as a sports writer in Cebu city. I have helped in the promotions of Antonio Aldeguer of the ALA stable, Sammy Gelloani of SGG promotions, Rex Salud of Wakee Salud promotions, Ben Sun of the Golden Sun stable, Elorde promotions and Tito dela Merced of the Omega stable.

All the promotions where I was involved were all memorable, but what I could not forget is the hard work that we have gone through in each of them. No amount of money could pay for the stress.

However, if you have the money and you really love boxing then boxing promotion is exciting and rewarding.

In my adopted city, Cagayan de Oro, boxing promotions are a few. The last time I heard and seen one was last year organized by Cebu's ALA stable for Governor Oscar Moreno at the Lim Kit Kai Atrium.

When will be the next one? Only time will tell. GOD BLESS! email me at