DAVAO City will be able to cater to more tourists next year with the addition of new hotels and inns.

At present, there are only 9,000 rooms from accommodation establishments in the city but during peak season, Davao City needs around 12,000 rooms.

Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (DCCCII) president Arturo Milan said in an interview Monday, September 2, 2019, that the gap will narrowed as more hotels will be operating in 2020, opening 1,400 rooms.

"The gap is being filled up by Airbnb as most condominiums here are in the Airbnb. But by January next year, we will have about 1,400 new rooms," Milan said, adding these will be coming from Acacia Hotel, Aeon Towers condominium, and others.

He said the one of the challenges of the city in terms of tourism is really accommodation.

In previous report, Davao City Tourism Operations Office (CTOO) head Generose Tecson said there is a need for more hotels and convention hotels in the city to accommodate a projected increase in tourist arrivals and prospective investors. Along with this is the growing number of self-styled lodging facilities; however, some are still refusing to get business permits to operate legally and ensure the safety of tourists in the city.

"Because of technology, they could now do business and provide room accommodations. It is very affordable and competing with hotels. I am not saying that I am recommending it but just because they have inherent advantages as well as disadvantages compare to regular hotels," he said.

"Airbnb is a world-wide phenomenon, dili lang sa Davao. It is the cheapest way to travel so you have budget hotels, Airbnb, and others. There are new trends so we just have to live with it," Milan added.