MEXICO -- Mayor Jerry Pelayo of Candaba said Friday that the town could be the least affected by the El Niño phenomenon.

“Walang El Niño sa Candaba,” he told a crowd of officials, employees and consumers-members of Pampanga Electric Cooperative 1 during a forum at the firm’s newly constructed evacuation center in this town.

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“We are just about to harvest our famed watermelons and melons… We are now currently the major supplier of salted eggs and ‘balut’ to Pateros. Every industry in Candaba is alive and we are ready for El Niño,” said Pelayo.

He added that Candaba is set to start in building a world-class resort hotel in the town, in partnership with a Korean firm.

“This will boost our eco-tourism thrusts and will complement our globally renowned ‘Ibon-Ebon’ (Birds and Eggs) Festival as this would have first class facilities like spas, wakeboarding, hotels, villas and restaurants that you will only find in Candaba. And recently, we have applied and got approval for the establishment of an economic zone in the town. If they have it at Clark Freeport, we will also have it,” he said.

Pelayo added that industries and businesses in the swampy, marshland filled town continue to flourish despite the threats of a dry spell.

“This is because of the cooperation and unity of our people in Candaba. Sa amin, buhay ang bayanihan (In Candaba, the spirit of unity and working together is very much alive),” he said.

He thanked President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo “for her support to us and Candaba.”

“Sayang at hindi na siya ang susunod na pangulo. I am not campaigning because it’s too early for that. But if you ask me, kay Gibo [Teodoro] tayo para tuloy-tuloy ang serbisyo sa taong bayan,” he said in jest. (JTD)