USER Experience Philippines (UXPH) had its first-ever UXPH Roadshow in Cebu last Aug. 31 at The Company, located at the HM Tower of Cebu IT Park.

UXPH is a non-profit organization hosting a large community of professional designers, enthusiasts and students in the Philippines. The organization is based in Manila; and it has been conducting annual conferences and monthly meet-ups to help anyone who are passionate with design enhance their craft. The organization’s aim is to raise awareness about design practices and how to make them have the best user experience.

One of the organizing members of UXPH, Aldrich Tan, said that the organization wanted to reach out to design enthusiasts not just in the capital but as well as to the other regions. With its partnerships with design-driven organizations in Cebu and Davao—CEBUXD and UXDVO—it has managed to bring their conferences in some major cities this year, thus, the UXPH Roadshow.

The conference is a one-day event which comprises an exciting set of activities including seminars and workshops. They invited experts as keynote speakers to talk about a certain topic within the realm of user experience and how to be an effective designer.

The UXPH Roadshow in Cebu has garnered a network of mixed design enthusiasts, from students to professionals. Most of the volunteers are students from different universities of Cebu.

“UXPH is a group of UX professionals that organizes events and programs on experience and design. Educating individuals who want to use ‘Design Thinking’ methodology in their respective communities has become a passion over the years, inspiring us to organize events like ‘Improving User Experiences with Game Aided Learning’ and ‘How to become UX advocates within your organization.’ For this year’s conference, we will be focusing on topics that will still cater to the needs of the various sectors in the Philippine society,” stated the organization in its official Facebook page.

The Roadshow’s next leg is going to be in Davao sometime in September and going back to Manila in October. With the successful launch of this year’s UXPH Roadshow, the organization hopes to reach out to more key cities in the Philippines to maximize each design enthusiast’s potential.