I AM a retired public school teacher and I am against the passage of a “No Homework Bill” that is now filed in Congress. Being a teacher I know the crucial importance of homework to the learning of a child. There are weak ones who need further coaching and this is supplied by the parents at home in order for them not to be left behind.

The argument that night time is reserved for the bonding among family members: Is there a greater bonding relationship than for a child to go to his or her mother or father for help in his or her lessons?

I do remember reading an article in the Readers Digest about an educational problem in the state of California in the USA. The state used to be in the top five in national achievement tests for grade school pupils. But with the passing of the years the state’s achievement went down remarkably so the state’s educators did some research on the cause. They found out that one of the reasons for the decline is because the teachers of their public school were no longer giving homeworks to their pupils. The other cause is the unbridled use of television during nighttime.

If those people in Congress can not think of other sensible bills, I would rather appreciate if they would pass a bill necessitating homeworks in public schools but to pass a no homework bill is a blunder of the first magnitude.