Iste Sesante-Leopoldo

Sun.Star Correspondent

ONE RUNNING expert is offering a unique advice for all runners—to forget all other tips.

With folks in their 30s, 40s, 50s or even 60s joining the running craze, multi-awarded triathlete Arland Macasieb said it’s better to just “run like a kid.”

“Take off your shoes once in a while. Be like a kid again. Be carefree. Have fun,” Macasieb said as he encouraged more than 100 runners to get back to the basics.

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Macasieb spearheaded the free two-day running clinic “Optimal Running Technique” which wrapped up yesterday at the Active Zone of Ayala Center Cebu.

Among the topics the three-time Philippine triathlon champion discussed were common running errors among recreational runners, attributes of elite runners, posture, running tools, drills and skills and the formula for speed.

He also added that it’s better to get back to basics because some runners tend to get too technical, too conscious about their pace, too regimental that they forget the fun part of the sport.

“Enjoy the run. Run free,” said Macasieb, who has finished the grueling Ironman six times.

He observed that Filipinos are fond of using slippers, instead of shoes, and that offers an advantage for those who are into running.

Macasieb, who is an exercise physiologist and who has a masters degree on exercise sciences from the Montclair State University, said he is surprised that the sport is booming in the Philippines and hopes the growth will continue.

“I am hoping that running in the Philippines will continue to grow and will not be like any of those sports such as badminton, which we saw boom and then all of a sudden it slowed down,” said Macasieb, who has been conducting running and triathlon clinics for the past five years.