THE Department of Agriculture (DA) has cancelled the conduct of cloud seeding operations in Zamboanga City.

DA's Bureau of Soil and Water Management (BSWM) headed by Teddy Bersabe decided to cancel the cloud seeding operations, citing there is no good cloud formation.

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Bersabe noted though that there were cloud formation but it dissipates in just few minutes as they were preparing to fly using a cesna plane.

The DA has scheduled to conduct cloud seeding operations Saturday to help alleviate the plight of the farmers who are greatly affected by the El Niño phenomenon.

The DA has allocated P2.7 million funds for the conduct of cloud seeding operations in Zamboanga City and other areas in the Zamboanga Peninsula affected by the drought.

The funding is to shoulder the flight expenses, as well as for the purchase of the table salt to be used in cloud seeding operations.

Bersabe's team is set to conduct at least 70 cloud seeding flying sorties and in each flight, they will be using seven sacks of 25 kilos each of salt.

Bersabe reset to Sunday the conduct of cloud seeding operations.

Cloud seeding is a form of weather modification whereby salt crystals are released into a cloud with the use of airplanes.

The particles of the salt crystals grow until they are large enough to cause precipitation to form water and produce rainfall. (Bong Garcia)