Monumental Mouse

I’m a big fan of Logitech devices. Especially their mice. They got pretty much everything covered with their lineup; from the most basic to the insanely configurable ones. And ever since I’ve been swimming in the computing world ocean, I’ve always pegged Logitech to be the gold standard when it comes to mice.

And this new one they have - the MX Master 3 - one that I think I should be buying for myself.

Here’s a quick review from Lew of Unbox Therapy.

More functionality, less screen

This is basically what the writer on Fstoppers was saying about the rumored 16-inch Macbook Pros that are slated to be announced this month. And I will readily agree to that. The new batches of Macbook Pro laptops are great spec wise. They can definitely crunch numbers and perform as advertised. But, as a photographer, the loss of the SD card slot and a regular USB-A port is, to me, a loss of functionality.

Sure, you can already opt to plug in a dongle that has everything you need. But that dongle is one extra step and one extra nuisance to bring with you. And much like all other dongles, they can get lost somewhere. If there were still the SD card slot and the USB-A port, it would be easier to just plug in the SD card from the camera or connect the camera directly to the laptop and transfer photos. And when you’re done, just put it all away in your bag.

What do you think?

Ready Player 1?

Are you ready for Acer’s Thronos gaming chair? Yep, a chair that has "three monitor mounts, an adjustable keyboard and mouse tray, a footrest and a complex cable management system to hide all wires connecting everything together”. Oh, and if you can afford the USD13,000 price tag, you can also add accessories like "a cup holder, cameras and hubs”.

If this chair can move in X, Y and Z axis, you can pick up my jaw from the floor. Right now, though, it’s just hanging off my mouth.