Quibranza: Featured musicians, songwriters in ‘The SoundBox’

MOST of us are a work in progress. So what? That shouldn’t stop us from jumping out into the deep, and discovering what awaits us under the depths of the unknown.

I’m relatively new to hosting shows but I’ve got one called “The SoundBox.” It’s powered by this new media group called ViveCast which you might want to check out on Facebook. ViveCast is all about sharing stuff that make up “The Good Life.”

For its part, “The SoundBox” aims to be an easy show: Musicians and songwriters are invited over to chat about their passion and craft, and the featured guests also get to share three of their original songs.

While the show is relatively new, I love how ViveCast is open to inviting anyone to be featured. As long as you have three good songs and story to share, you’re welcome to send ViveCast a private message! Just send links to your bio and songs for the crew to check out.

So far, “The SoundBox” has episodes out highlighting artists like Jewel Villaflores, Kersly Potter and the Dave Gonzales Trio (DGT). Jewel is a new-generation talent, popularly known for the hit song “Duyog.” Kersly is a fierce young wordsmith who champions an indie sound. DGT is a three-piece rock instrumental group who were game to perform “stripped” versions of their tracks in the studio. The featured songs can be found in ViveCast’s YouTube channel.

On the list of upcoming talents to be featured are first-ever Visayan Music Awards champion Ferdinand Aragon (Songwriter, “Matag Piraso”) and Brit Rock master Kubra Commander (who’s currently working on releasing his second album in two years). Cebu is rich with talent, and I’m glad ViveCast is open to featuring more artists with a simple initiative like “The SoundBox.”

So, do you have songs to share? Message Facebook.com/ViveCastPH and let ‘em know! I can’t wait to have you guys on the show.


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