CHANCE favors a prepared mind-quote. In politics as in life, the better prepared individuals get on top of the hustings.

It is not unusual to see and hear dirty tricks being hurled to, and done on, people, particularly candidates in this year's elections.

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It has been an accepted (albeit unofficially) practice to create and mobilize a group to formulate and implement demolition work in order to discredit, demolish and demoralize one particular candidate. It is not a desirable or ideal norm, but it has thrived for so long that it has become part of the culture of the Filipino electorate.

As griped about by Angeles City mayoralty candidate Atty. Edgardo D. Pamintuan, black propaganda surfaces heavily during election time especially at the homestretch to E Day. If Edpam rues the existence of dirty jobs, it must be that he himself does not espouse such low blows and prefers to highlight issues, rather than on personal circumstances and concerns, and not on civil and family status.

For the members of the demolition crew, the dirtier the propaganda thrown, the better; the more the victim suffers, the merrier. Some members of this crew were probably former staff members of the intended victim so they know much info about him to spin.

And so it happened that Angeles City Mayor Francis "Blueboy" L. Nepomuceno and his trusted man Mark Allen Sison were reportedly charged before the Office of the Ombudsman for Luzon of plunder arising from the alleged illegal purchase of a P98 million lot in Barangay Mining for the ambitious city sports complex.

Call it good timing and leverage for the complainants and bad timing for the respondents. Of course, the filers would like the case to be raffled off soon and heard while the respondents would invoke every possible excuse to delay its resolution. It is only about nine weeks from today to election day. Whether or not the complaint will be given due course, it is for the Ombudsman to say. And goes the demolition in full array on until Election Day. Dakal ken koy?

* * *

There are other things we need to consider and care about like the harsh and dry weather bearing upon us and its concomitant effects on our struggling lives. Dry spells are everywhere and mounting and there seems to be no respite from this warm, humid and excruciatingly hot weather, at least for two or three more months. By the way, what has happened to the vaunted cloud seeding operations? Have the authorities ran out of salt?

* * *

And then we know of the impending if not imminent threat of earthquakes. Remember our nation lies on what geologists call fault lines and we belong to the Pacific ring of fire. Are we ready for any eventuality? We have to accept the fact (if not fate) that we are beset with problems, man-made or otherwise. We pray that we will overcome all of these.

* * *

If one goes by the sheer number of tarpaulins of various sizes hung on trees, electric posts, overhangs and on every imaginable space, he can say that the candidates with the most number win. The overall persuasive effect of these campaign tools cannot be underestimated nor over emphasized as the name recall effect bears good results. And what about the poor candidates? Can they not register in the minds of the voters on election day? I remember seeing a television ad espousing the choice of candidates with good character, potentials and performance. How many of us will follow that lead?

* * *

Ok, let us prepare ourselves for the right choices in the forthcoming elections. Let us choose the performers, those who can deliver on their election promises and pledges. Go beyond the aesthetics, beyond looks and personality. See through the potential of a candidate to work and lead well. For me, that may be the right move for a right choice.

* * *

I am calling the attention of potential participants in the PESO Mabalacat summer program. Please submit your resumes and other requirements on time. This year's summer hire calendar may start on April 12th, after the Holy Week observance.