ISABELA CITY, Basilan -- Two people were killed in an attack as feud persists between two clans in the island province of Basilan, a top police official said Sunday.

Senior Superintendent Antonio Mendoza, Basilan police director, said the latest killing involving the two clans took place around 9:30 a.m. Thursday in the village of Calugusan, Lantawan town.

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Mendoza identified the latest fatalities as Amiral Aisal and Nasser Arasad, both residents of Calugusan village who were allegedly killed by gunmen who belong to another clan.

Mendoza said the perpetrators are followers of Polly Hallang and former members of the Abu Sayyaf Group.

He said Hallang, together with 12 of his followers, have shot and killed Aisal and Arasad with the use of high-powered firearms.

He did not disclose what stemmed the quarrel between the protagonists except that “they have a long standing grudge.”

Mendoza said he ordered the policemen in Lantawan to intensify the conduct of patrol in the village of Calugusan to prevent further incidents involving the two clans.

Mendoza is eyeing to tap the assistance of religious leaders to peacefully settle the feud between the protagonists. (Bong Garcia)