A LOCAL company offering adventure rides in the hotel it is operating will be launching five new rides this year as a way to attract more tourists, an official said Saturday.

J. King & Sons Co. Inc. (JKSCI) chairman Richard King said the company will open the second phase of its extreme adventure rides this year.

“The company is not only expanding its real estate business, we are also expanding our adventure business to further attract more tourists to come and experience Cebu,” King said.

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JKSCI introduced to the country the Edge Coaster and Sky Walk. These are the two sky experience adventures in Crown Regency Hotel or Tower 1 in Cebu City.

King said during the investors’ night held by the company last Saturday that they will be launching later this year the urban zipline, air gliders, pole climb and angle climb, and the giant pendulum swing. He said the new rides are designed for families and groups.

King said the company hired experts in extreme activities to help construct the rides and imported high-technology equipment to ensure the safety of riders.

He said they are confident that the extreme adventures will make Cebu a prime tourist destination not only for local but also foreign tourists.

“Our business is designed for tourism. We think that this is the best way to help improve the economy. With these rides we will surely be attracting more investments to pour into Cebu,” he said.

Aside from these new rides, King said the company is planning to introduce a cable car as soon as the Tower 4 in F. Ramos Street is completed. These rides he added are property value enhancers of the ‘integrated environment’ concept that the company is developing.