FOR many Filipinos, a warm cup of good coffee provides one of life's simple yet essential everyday pleasures. Coffee's popularity can be seen in the huge demand for the beverage that even continues to increase with each passing year -- it is, in fact, the nation's most consumed beverage, second only to water.

But before it can make it to our cup, coffee starts in the fields of our coffee farmers, whose families depend on the industry for their livelihood.

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Starting with the seedlings, the farmers would carefully tend to them until they grow into coffee trees. Thanks to their efforts, coffee drinkers enjoy delicious, aromatic cups of coffee at their convenience.

Thousands of Filipino coffee farmers and their families depend on coffee for their livelihood. Nestle, makers of the country's leading coffee brand, Nescafe, does its part in helping the industry by providing training and technical assistance, selling good planting materials at cost through its widest network of buying stations, and implementing various programs that benefit the farmers.

Now, you too can have the chance to help Filipino coffee farmers with Nescafe Classic First Pick. Every jar you buy has a unique code which you can use to register in this website:

Once the code is entered, you can adopt a virtual coffee seedling known as a "Li'l Beanie."

This Li'l Beanie represents an actual coffee seedling that will be given to a local coffee farming community. You will receive periodic updates regarding the status of your virtual coffee seedling.

You will also be able to track the growth & development of your coffee seedling until it finally becomes a fully-grown coffee tree ready for harvest.

It's that simple. With Nescafe Classic First Pick, not only do you get to enjoy the goodness of high quality coffee, but you also get to help others in your own little way.

Nescafe Classic First Pick is a limited edition coffee available during the first quarter of the year only. It is made from coffee berries handpicked with care by Filipino farmers during the beginning of the harvest season. The beans are roasted to a deep, dark color for a unique and intense cup that you'd love to savor.

So be part of the harvest of the future and log on now to