HOLIDAY Gym and Spa, the premier health and wellness center in Davao City, held a three-day taekwondo workshop for its members.

The seminar/workshop was conducted by no less than Master Jose Antonio "Jun" Sta. Ana, president of the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) Philippines last February 5-7 at Holiday Gym and Spa.

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Members of the Edge MMA team Davao City also graced the event. Edge MMA team handles the Muay Thai classes at HGS.

Master Sta. Ana shared the ITF tuls(patters) like punching, blocking and kicking techniques, self-defense, as well as ITF philosophies, which is an additional tool for arsenal of the participants.

During the seminar Master Sta. Ana also introduced a new gadget for their training, dubbed the "Shadow Boxer". This training tool is currently used by practitioners of the Muay Association of the Philippines.

The tool will soon be taught only to HGS members in the near future. After the seminar/workshop, Master Sta. Ana awarded and promoted Ryan Cordero to 1st degree black belt at HGS. Cordero is also currently the assistant instructor of the Muay Thai programs at HGS.

Meanwhile, the Tancontian tournament held at Gaisano South was a huge success. Another expert, Paolo Tancontian handles the jiuitsu program for HGS.

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