JONSON Pacaña hit a low flier to the center and Michael Lopez ran the last two bases to give Halbstarkein a 5-4 victory over the Reunited Rebels at the first of their two-game friendly fast-pitch softball match at the East Visayas Academy grounds yesterday.

The Rebels got even in the next match with a 10-4 win, highlighted by four homeruns.

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Tied at 4-4 after the top of the fifth inning in the first game, Pacaña, hit a low flier to the center field to help Lopez complete the winning run to give Halbstarkein its first victory over the former baseball standouts.

Earlier, Edgar Cuse broke a scoreless first inning with a homerun for the Rebels but Alan Sadaya equalized the game with a run to close the second inning.

Halbstarkein then scored two runs courtesy of Eric de la Cerna and Tata Sadaya at the bottom of the third for a 3-1 lead.

Cuse scored his second homerun and Alintone Adolfo also had a homer as the Rebels caught up 3-3 at the top of the fourth inning.

However, William de la Cerna gave Halbstarkein a one-run lead to close the fourth inning.

Jonathan Burgos joined the homerun derby to put the Rebels on level terms at the top of the fifth before Lopez’s run off Pacaña’s RBI settled the count.