I GUESS it’s a gauge of how much interest boxers are getting if even the sportswriters covering an event gets in the news.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Shane Mosley had their press conference a couple of days ago and we all saw and read about it.

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There was the usual, “I’ll beat him senseless” statements, the usual scuffle even. (That is sooo yesterday, instead of this scripted on-stage scuffles, why not let them fight, one-handed for a minute? That would be something new.)

There was also something new but it came out days after the press conference.

It’s about the supposed racial discrimination by the Mayweather camp against reporters from ABS-CBN and GMA 7—who were reportedly banned from interviewing Mayweather because they are Filipinos.

I say supposedly because there’s no way of learning what really happened and knowing the two networks, their silence is curious.

If it happened the way it’s been reported in boxing websites, I’m surprised why both stations didn’t carry a lead story, screaming, in that Mike Enriquez tone, “Mayweather takot sa Pinoy kaya pina ban ang mga Pinoy reporters?”

Did it really happen? I don’t know.

But it’s not surprising the bloggers and boxing websites have reported on this intensively since these days, they’re the ones that break almost any boxing story. Sometimes they hit, sometimes they miss.

This incident is just the latest anti-Pinoy issue the Mayweather camp is facing and I can’t wait what the Kapuso and Kapamilya networks have to say on this.

However, I don’t for a moment agree with most people’s assessments that the Mayweathers—Floyd Jr., Sr. and Roger—are crazy, though they say the craziest things (Filipino soldiers used steroids, that’s why bullets can’t hurt them, hence Manny must be on steroids).

You can’t reach the top of boxing—and live through the complicated wheeling and dealing--if you’ve lost half your brain.

Sure they say a lot of things against Manny and every time they do it, Pinoys—fans and non-fans—get so riled up they want Manny to just forget the negotiations and just silence them in the ring.

Even if Floyd Jr. loses to Mosley, some fans would still be mad enough to want Manny to beat Floyd Jr.

Nice sell, eh?

SLAUGHTER’S COMEBACK. Like most fans, I want Greg Slaughter to return to UV for next year’s Cesafi.

But unlike most, it’s not because I want UV to have its 6’11 behemoth as it tries to go a perfect 10 of 10, I’m just curious what ruckus his comeback would raise.

Cesafi requires its student athletes to pass at least 60 percent of their subjects the previous semester, to be able to play.

Slaughter has been touring both in and out of the country since November, so next season, the biggest story would be before the tip-off.

It’s going to be the screening.

MIRACLE WORKER. I think it’s about time the PSC and POC hire Mayor Soc to solve their problems.

This guy can work up miracles in a flash.

Malcontent NSAs? Officers who can’t be in one room without killing each other? Mayor Soc can solve all that.

After, of course, a certain son had his first of many run-ins.