A ZAMBOANGUEÑA, who is now based in New Jersey, United States of America (USA), made it to the Top 64 of "The Clash" Season 2, GMA's singing competition.

She is known in the entertainment circuit in New York and New Jersey as Angel Ram, the daughter of musician Rody and Delia Ramchand of the village of Sta. Maria, Zamboanga City.

To her friends, she is known as Joan Ramchand-Meri, who made it to the official rooster of contestants of "The Clash."

Angel, a registered nurse, auditioned for The Clash in New York in May this year. Luckily, she passed the audition.

"Everyone dreams to be part of this show. Out of more than 12,000 aspirants, we are now down to 64. That alone is a huge achievement," Angel said, after she hurdled two elimination rounds.

The next elimination is set on Saturday, September 21.

Angel said in her social media page that one of the reasons she joined The Clash is to provide a way for her three kids, who are in the Philippines, to see her.

"My only medium is to see me somewhere. I don't expect that I will become part of The Clash. I was just hoping that this would be a way for them to see me," she said.

Angel started her singing career few years back through the help of a friend while she was working as a caregiver in the US sometime in 2012.

"It so happened that one of the caregivers knew a band that needs a singer. On my day off, I undergo an audition and I passed. They gave me a gig right away," she said.

Angel said joining The Clash is an opportunity to be heard and to show her talent.