Lumawag: Good coffee near my work

Chicken Shitake. (Photo by Reuel John F. Lumawag)
Chicken Shitake. (Photo by Reuel John F. Lumawag)

FOURTH Street Cafe was a pleasant surprise when I discovered that it was in the same neighborhood where I work.

Conveniently along Juan Luna Street near Ateneo de Davao University and Chinatown, the coffee shop is a go-to place of many students and young professionals within the area.

The place

I like the overall design of the cafe. I think it looks spacious and has great seating options for groups.

My favorite part of the restaurant is the bar area. This area is great for solo diners. What I also love about the bar is you can observe the manual brewing of coffee. You can also interact with the baristas here to learn more about the coffee you are about to drink.

They also have a small second floor which is great for groups or those who want to stay away from people. It is quite private up there.

The food

For my visits here, I ordered the Pan-seared Chicken Breast, Pork Steak, Hungarian Penne, and Chicken Shitake. For my drinks, I have tried their Pour over coffee, Cold White, and Cold Black.

Based on my visits, I am happy to note that the food has been consistently good.

My personal favorite is the Pan-seared Chicken Breast. I found the meat tender and juicy. The sauce was really delicious.

Another favorite of mine was the Hungarian Penne. I like that spicy kick you get from the chili and I love those strong flavors you get from the soy sauce and the garlic.

The Pork Steak was also good; tender and juicy like the chicken breast.

Chicken Shitake is also good. The nuts add another texture and layer of flavor to the dish.

While I find their food to be delicious, I think the flavors are quite similar to one another. I do appreciate that they added some elements to put more flavor and texture to the dish.

For the most part, I enjoyed a good cup of Pour over coffee here. If you are looking for a good cup of coffee in this area of Davao City, you can get one here.

It also pays to chat with the barista when choosing what kind of beans you want to be brewed. They also explained to me the different notes I will get from the different beans I have chosen.

I love that lemon kick I get from their Cold Black. Every sip was refreshing for a coffee drink.

The Cold White was milky and creamy but I find it to be too sweet.

The service

Overall, the service at the Fourth Street Cafe was pretty food. The staff was very accommodating but I think they could smile more. I love that their baristas are very willing to share what you will get from the cup of coffee you are about to drink.

However, I think the food service could improve. I find that it takes a while for the food to arrive. It tends to take longer when the coffee shop is packed with students.

Bottom line

Fourth Street Cafe is another great addition to the coffee shop scene here in Davao City. They have good food and can assure you a good cup of coffee.

With their location near the school, they are able to let the younger generation taste what good coffee is.

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