AS YOU very well might have known, I just came from China for the World Cup. A trip to Singapore and Indonesia made short by it. While the food scene in Singapore is something I always look forward to, it is somewhat a problem for me when it comes to other places where certain food is not made available because of custom and tradition or faith. For the other I seem to have a problem and would be more cautious in eating too much Chinese food. I love it except that I sometimes get nauseous and sick from it. The “Chinese Food Syndrome” they say. It must be the MSG, I’m not sure.

Fortunately, the go to food for me will always be the burger. It can’t never go wrong with this. There always happens to be a burger franchise somewhere in the world. It is always surely international and not an issue to have, except probably in India and I have not been there yet so no problem. It will always be accepted surely in most places in the world.

Contrary to what we all know it to be, it originated in Hamburg in Germany. Meat was ground and made into a ball and pressed to cook in a fryer or pan. Although the name, there is no ham in it. Nowadays a perfect burger was said to be 80 percent ground beef and 20 percent pork and fat. All beef can be an understatement if you see one. If it is beef they would now advertise as Angus or Wagyu. Plain and simple just “beef”. Angus are the black cows bred in the States and Wagyu is from Japan, now Australia is authorized to breed Wagyu.

Again in all my travels I just have to have a burger. Japan has a pork and ginger burger, I tasted it and it just seems I am biting into a gyoza, seriously. Away with the teriyaki or wasabi burgers. There’s sambal and nasi lemak too, burgers I mean.

Recently Nathan’s, famous for their hotdogs opened a store here. Of course I had to get some dogs, but it was the burger I enjoyed. Silantro in Manila and Dagupan is known for their take on Mexican food, yes tacos and burritos, however it is their burger I enjoy.

I recently along with my family went out to search for a burger they say that was one of the best in Asia or the world. Not really sure however upon asking a third security guard we found the place. Again the name of the place will surprise every Juan, Sweet X. Again it may sound like a dessert shop, maybe it is but every Juan goes there for the burgers and milkshakes as a side to it.

Burgers to me has everything I would look for, veggies of course and some sauce. That’s it. I prefer though sliced onions over pickled or carmelized. Bread to me and the meat is all the same, to me. The grilled ones are more favored if ever.

Lately, the trend is towards the “California” feel burger such as In N Out. And as a trend many others have come up with their own version from it. The secret sauce. Mayo, ketchup, mustard, horseradish and pickle relish in whatever combination or taste and surely that’s it for sauce with the burger and bun. Mine to taste will surely be one that makes it a hit if I try to make a sauce. Although I will admit that I also like the Big Mac dressing, it just goes well with the lettuce and onions, or maybe that’s it, the veggies with a mixture of those I mentioned.

Anyway a burger is simply a go to food of mine. Anywhere in the world I would rather go find a burger place over chicken or pizza. It just seems easier, on the pocket or for the pocket. A bucket of chicken or a box of pizza won’t just do when on the run or on the move. Plus it just takes five minutes to prepare. On the plane or on the train I will go for it. Some cruises even have Johnny Rockets that serves burgers and shakes, I did try in Royal Caribbean heading towards Alaska.

A burger is it anytime for me. My kids enjoy it too. At site or at home we sit on a table with just it, burgers. I. Fact I rather would have it at home as I would have been able to hack out a sauce for it. I have every condiment at home. Even just mustard I would have horseradish to hot english and even Japanese or Korean if ever. Plus unlimited lettuce, tomato or onions. Pickles is somewhat an issue for me, I don’t like it sweet, I have dill, jalapeño, relish, gurken, sliced, baby or whole. Now you know me.

Anyway, it is just a burger and it suits me just fine. Let’s go have one. Today that is a custom for me on a Sunday to have tacos, chicken, burrito and a burger every Sunday out with the dog.