A PRIEST of the contemporary church is already here with us and a no ordinary one at that. An artist-priest is trumpeting the cause of contemporary art amid a strong adherence to tradition and conservatism in the Cebuano art environment.

He is Fr. Jason Dy, SJ, an advocate and practitioner of contemporary art.

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In the relatively short time that he started to get involved in the local art community, he has single-handedly founded a garage gallery inside the Sacred-Heart Parish and organized a number of memorable conceptual art exhibits.

The Jesuit’s art utilizes the mixed media process. His materials include the incorporation and appropriation of ephemeral and found (e.g. rocks, postage stamps, old teapots) or transitional objects (e.g. dolls, teddy bears). The series of photos on this page are part of a collection of artworks called “Relics.” These are collage concepts for a future art project.

In this particular series, the priest as artist explores the world of found art by using mail or post office material to archive relics of degraded environments, and also of receiving prophetic warnings from the future and of contemplating immediate and concrete steps toward recovery and preservation.