IF FOUND guilty, cadets from the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) proven to have direct participation in the death of Cadet 4th Class Darwin Dormitorio is set to face life imprisonment.

Police Colonel Allen Rae Co, city director of the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO), explained the possible criminal sanctions to the three cadets identified as Cadets 3rd class Shalimar Imperial and Felix Lumbag and Cadet 1st class Axl Rey Sanupao who were all charged criminally for their direct involvement in the maltreatment of Dormitorio.

“We are just trying to wrap up things at PMA to ensure that no loose ends would be missed. Based on our latest investigation, the initial offence of Cadet Dormitorio was because of the missing combat boots owned by Cadet 1st Class Sanopao that was entrusted to the care of Cadet Dormitorio which was already missing for about a week, on September 17, on the day Cadet Dormitorio was sent to the hospital,” Co said.

BCPO Investigation showed Dormitorio was made to report to Cadet Sanopao, Imperial and Lumbag. After reporting to the room of Sanopao, they proceeded to the room of the two third class cadets where the maltreatment happened.

“As of now, we are still gathering evidences, information and statements if ever other details would come out but as of now, 3rd Class Cadets Imperial and Lumbag have been determined as principal suspects having direct participation in the incident while 1st Class Cadet Sanopao is by inducement or who encouraged the said Cadets to harm Cadet Dormitorio,”the City Director stated.

At present, no criminal cases have been filed by the BCPO as it is still in the process of collating statements with some witnesses having sworn in front of the Assistant City Prosecutor while awaiting for the family of Dormitorio to act as private complainants.

Some witnesses have given their statements corroborated with other statements of others as well as the finding of the medico legal officer from the crime lab.

“Some of the instances not directly here was seen by some witnesses and as a matter of fact, the August 20 incident which have been investigated by the PMA by taking the signed statement which was not subscribed by Cadet Dormitorio identified specifically Cadet 1st Class Lumbag as the one who punch him at that time,” Co explained.

BCPO is almost done with its investigation and is currently awaiting for the family to be informed on the status of the investigation.

“We can file this on our own but we want to appraise the family of the whole situation on the case we have at hand so that there will be no recrimination or other misunderstanding on the case that we will file,” Co added.