LOOKING back, I am just so fascinated to have known these kids since 2015. The Little Miss Baguio pageant I witnessed was then at the old Baguio Convention Center. I just came back from Tokyo, Japan from my studies and it was also at this time where Osharé and FAB Inc. came into fruition.

It was like I grew up with them too and pretty much like my own family. Some I really had the chance to see like a bud into a young and beautiful flower. Though some have left and moved on to carry their titles along, some have remained to be mentored into the next.

I surmise that for these kids, it is fun to be dressed up, to be seen and to be with other kids who are into the same passion. To me, all these kids are winners! Thank you Ms. Mariver “Vell Watson” Agayas and also to the wonderful parents for allowing your children to be an inspiration to others. Little Miss Baguio shall always have a special part in my heart.

To you children, dream big! Who said that heels are only for grownups! Undoubtedly, you were all really borne to be in heels! Little Misses, Pia and Katriona! Cheers! Show direction by Ellamae, Baguio Convention Center September 21. Photos by Nigel Dacasin of Osharé.