PALAWAN was recently named the most beautiful island in the world and we’d have to agree. Coron is a 1st class municipality in the province of Palawan and is listed as one of the top tourist places in the Philippines. Here are some activities you dare not miss.

If you are looking for some adventure that doesn’t involve a boat then make the climb to the top of Mt. Tapyas. The 718 steps to the summit will test your endurance and will definitely leave you huffing and puffing, but the panoramic view of the nearby islets is priceless. Relax in Maquinit Springs after a busy trip of diving and exploring the beautiful islands. It was easy to relax here. All I did was soak myself, look at the starry sky, feel the stones tickle my feet, and listen to the gentle flowing of the water. This place is gorgeous at night, I promise.

The Twin Lagoons are one of the must-see destinations. To travel between the lagoons, we swam under the natural archway that has formed in the rock. We were mostly floating on our backs to see the amazing towering cliffs and beautiful setting. Kayangan Lake is known as one of the clearest lakes in all of Asia and this gem is one of the most stunning places on the planet. The view deck at the peak is the perfect spot to capture photos of the magnificent cove that’s a mix of luscious greens and crystal blues.

I’ve been to this lake thrice and I still can’t get enough. Another lake nearby is named Barracuda Lake, famous for its unique layers of fresh salt and brackish water, as well as its rapid temperature shifts. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any barracudas or any other fish but I would still suggest going there because the rocks surrounding the lake are fantastic.

The idyllic islands of Coron are located in one of the most pristine natural wonders, with thousands of small undiscovered islands and islets that mark Coron harbor and Coron Bay. I highly recommend a day tour to explore the shallow waters and diversified flora and fauna; a boat ride to nearby beaches for more island activities like snorkeling and swimming; lunch taken on a white sand beach or on board. Take my word for it; you’ll never regret a Coron escapade... it is absolutely spectacular!