Homework-Free Weekends, Anyone?

Homework-Free Weekends, Anyone?

A bill proposed by some House representatives that dealt with school assignments engendered some debates among various sectors in society. House Bill 388 or the “No Homework on Weekends Act of 2019” sought to “ban” the giving of academic assignments to elementary and high school students during the weekend. The proponents stated that home works tend to diminish quality recreational time spent with family after a busy week of school and work. Today, ZUP asks its readers their views on this bill.

For me, I’m not in favor of “banning” homework/assignments for students because it’ll only promote laziness by being unproductive at home, especially if they are not also helping in household chores. It will just lead them to more time with computer games and social media. But to be fair, perhaps one assignment every other day could be given to avoid over-burdening students.

Jake Jacinto, 19, Computer Systems Service Specialist

It seems pointless to ban something that helps students prepare for their coming lessons and refreshes them on the topics discussed in school. Homework allows one to explore more on certain topics and perhaps apply them in actual activities. But homework does not have to be given in large bulk, especially on weekends.

John dJay Pontino, 30, Retailoperations Supervisor

Homework can pry children away from gadgets for a certain period after school, and there are also undoubtedly “terror” teachers who can overburden students with homework. What the government can do is temper or rationalize the assignment of homework, perhaps declaring “homework-free” days to give students more time for other activities and not totally prohibiting it since it also helps students enhance their skills.

Miguel Clemino, 22, Sales Executive

I don’t think having homework becomes a burden to a child’s family time. In fact, it can actually become a bonding moment between the parents and the child. Parents also get the chance to monitor and assess their child’s learning capacity firsthand.

Christian Wilfie Gana-an, 23, Architectural Apprentice


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