MINDANAO Electric Power Alliance (Mepa) is now urging its members to utilize their own power generators at a specific time during the day to help reduce power demand in the Mindanao grid.

Since Monday, members of Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industries Inc. (DCCCII) have been checking on their members as to who has generator sets to start off the plan.

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The initial plan is to let the companies with their own generating capacities run on their own at the time when there is power in their area. In this way, the power demand is reduced.

"This is a short-term solution to the continued ballooning of the power supply deficit being experienced in Mindanao," the DCCCII said.

Dubbed as “voluntary de-loading program,” the program is planned to tap manufacturing plants, shopping malls and hotels to enter into an agreement with their respective local distribution utilities.

The consumer, according to the proposed agreement, can either fully de-load at specified time or minimize its load. It is at this time that the consumer shall independently generate its own power by running its respective power generator sets.

In return, the power provider will compensate the company depending on how much it has reduced its power use.

As of Monday, the power supply gap in Mindanao has already reached 688 megawatts or 38 megawatts more compared to the 650 power supply gap last Friday.

The Mepa is urging for investment promotions on Mindanao, especially on the power sector, as a long-term solution to the ongoing power crisis, which is taking its toll on the business sector, bringing about higher overhead costs of doing business. (CPM)