THE school principal plays an important role in managing and operating the school facility that will facilitate instruction, inspiration and feeling of pride among its pupils.

Favorable physical condition of the school plant and facilities that are safe, healthful and comfortable ad inviting tend the child to learn his lessons well.

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The foremost function of a school administrator and his responsibility to the residents of the community is administering efficiently, stressing and offering quality education to the school children.

But it is difficult to do good job of teaching in a poorly maintained building and without adequate equipment. Moreover, it is impossible to give the pupils the opportunities they should have if the entire school plant is unsuited to the educational program.

The school principal should exert efforts to make sure that the school plant becomes more useful, helpful, comfortable and enduring for the achievement of the school’s purposes and objectives primarily for the development of the general welfare of the pupils, by providing them with the best learning environment that will eventually shape them as upright and useful citizens of our country.

Edward A. dela Peña

San Agustin Elementary School

Head Teacher III

Candaba West District