RECENTLY, we were listening to a radio interview over GMA dzBB on the widows of two mediamen who were among those killed in the infamous Ampatuan Maguindnao massacre.

Both Mrs. Karen Araneta, wife of the late Henry Araneta of dzRH, and Mrs. Gloria Teodoro, wife of Benjie Teodoro of the Maguindanao Tribune expressed frustration at the slowness of the wheels of justice especially on account of the future of their young children, ages two to 16.

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Considering the Filipinos’ penchant to easily forget even the most tragic events that haunt them, both the Aranetas and the Teodoros have more than enough reason to doubt whether their children will still see the day their fathers will finally be venerated by their countrymen as heroes for the cause of freedom.

Already, the unresolved Ampatuan Maguindanao massacre has triggered foreign investors to shy away in droves due to the peace and order situation now aggravated by the raging power crisis.

Reversing the negative perception of the Philippines will be quite a job and the top task of the next president is to revive investor confidence.

In the meantime, our task as a people is to see to it that we get rid of the malady of forgetfulness. As long as there are people who easily forget the crimes of the past and merely accept it as a matter of fact, we will never learn to learn from past mistakes and avoid future ones in our common quest for peace, justice and progress for all in this land.

Have we already forgotten the tragedy of the Ampatuan Maguindanao massacre? If so, then may God have mercy on our souls!