LAST time in this column was a prayer for us all that we be blessed with leaders, during the May elections, with radiant aura. A person with radiant Aura, which is the magnetic and energy field that surrounds a person, has a strong connectedness with God.

Clairvoyants or those with their “third eye opened” can see that the source of the light/radiance that envelopes people with radiant auras, is a pillar of light from the top of the head and extend upwards.

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This pillar of light depending on its thickness indicates the strength of connectedness with God. We see this pillar or pillars of light on top of the head statues of saints in our churches. In the Old Testament, Moses is pictured with two pillars of lights extending upwards from the top of his head like rays of the sun.

Accordingly, Moses is one of the holiest man during his time. A question to ask is: where did the church get this idea?

Pranic Healing- a science of energy and spirituality can explain this. And with pranic healing, one does not need to be a clairvoyant to see a brilliant or radiant aura or the pillar of light. Pranic Healing as a science, an organized body of knowledge, has techniques that helps one to know the condition of a person’s aura and or the pillar of light on arising from the top of the person’s head.

With the basic techniques of PH, a voter can know more whom to vote aside from the usual information she is bombarded with during the election. S/he can validate the upright and decent a candidate is.

In April, the Pranic Healing Foundation, Philippines will conduct a basic and advance course in Bontoc, Mountain Province. We invite everyone to join. Since PH was introduced in Mountain Province in the late 80s, reviewers are encouraged to join.

As a science, PH is dynamic. There are a lot of new techniques to heal and the presentation of the concepts and principles are simpler. The use of multi-media e.g. CDs and DVDs makes these colorful and interesting. The training will be at Teng-ab Retreat House.

Indeed, along with the inventions and discoveries in physical science e.g . cellphones, etc.. are discoveries in inner sciences. Pranic Healing is a modality of inner science. It makes use of energy. Have you heard of vibrational medicine?